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01. Environment & Society

We focus to provide exceptional human capital to excel in the growth and enhance the profitability of your company.

02. Innovation

Spanco Group is very passionate and dedicated to its work. We are a very transparent and reliable bridge between employee and employers.

03. Corporate Values

Spanco Group offers one-on-one coaching for every person approaching us. We extract the relevant information like interests and area where a candidate can shine.

04. Honest Partnership

Our strategic framework is designed and developed in a novel way that will equip you with knowledge in the realm of your interest and will seamlessly enable you to come across as a suave personality.

Welcome to SpancoGroup

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Services we offer are:
  • Manpower Planning and Forecasting, Hiring Strategy
  • Designing & Developing the Hiring and Selection System/li>
  • Setting Up HR Department
  • Strengthening the existing HR Department
  • Career Planning
  • Surveying and Standards Benchmarking
  • Competency based interview and selection processes
  • Campus Recruitment
  • Corporate Training
  • Plumbing Services